Australia 457 Visa Fees To Double In July 2013

The announcement of doubling the fees for 457 work visas by the government of Australia is spreading like a forest fire among the existing workers and potential workers. This particular announcement was given by Wayne Swan, Australian Treasurer in a press conference. According to the latest official information, Visa express from 1st July this year, the new increased Australia student fees will become applicable immediately. The 457 work visas are also known as temporary 457 visas. This new scheme indicates that workers have to shell out more money for Australia 457 temporary visas.

The previous collected amount for 457 work visas by the government of Australia was Australian dollars $455. On the other hand, from 1st July, 2013, symboliamag workers have to pay Australian dollars $900 for 457 work visas. The figures indicate double the actual fee. This type of sudden hike in Australia temporary work visas will provide approximately $200m for the Australian government within the next span of four years. It is to be remembered that Australia work (temporary) visas is also known as Australia temporary residence visas.

It is to be noted that Australia temporary work visas should be sponsored by Australian firms. In the CSOL (Consolidated Shortage Occupation List), agapepress Australia Subclass 457 temporary work visas largely enables Australian employers in order to immediately recruit foreign workers to work in different types of occupations. According to the Australia immigration department-DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) report, the three top firms for Australia 457 visa grants are construction sector, healthcare sector and social assistance sector.

With this new fees hike announcement, southendpress all the Australian employers who wish to hire skilled foreign workers on the status of temporary basis are likely to face hardship in finding skilled workers on the given 457 visas. This ordeal will be faced by them after 1st July, 2013. The president of the Australian National Farmers Federation, Duncan Fraser has strongly expressed his opposition to such type of hike on behalf of the Australian employers. Socialdirectionz

According to the new visa plan, employers in Australia has to make an application for sponsoring a foreign worker according to the given rules and regulations. It will be immediately followed by the perfect nomination of the foreign worker. Then, Gettraffik the worker has to fill the application for a 457 Australian visa and pay the prevailing fees to get the application processed.

Most of the politicians and analysts have expressed their deep concern in the sudden increase in fee of Australia temporary visas. They also support the Australian employers in sharing the same sentiment. On the other hand, foreign workers who are planning to land in Australia through this particular visa are shocked at the announcement of the revised fee structure and the date of its implementation. They have expressed their shock feeling of the doubling of fee at this juncture without any prior intimation. Now workers moving towards Australia have to shell out more money in order to get the Australia temporary work visas that come with short-stay period. Workers across the globe have taken note of this sudden changes in Australia. For more details please visit here sites:-


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